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Windsor, Ontario

The unemploynent capital of Canada.

Tuesday, 23rd February.

Alas! JobsOpen is no longer posting any Jobs as of February 2016.

JobsOpen strove to provide an easily browsable list of jobs available in Canada. The only source of jobs to this site was HRSDC, as it was then called. Typically every weekday hour jobs were added. Then this site added maps, links to websites, and emails with inteligent subject lines. At that time the HRDC didn't provide such sophistication.

JobsOpen went live in November of 2006 and as I was unemployed at the time, part of the motive was to provide me with better access to job listings. Nothing much happened for a couple of years, just some modifications to handle changes in the HRSDC website, but that was all, apart from the fact that I retired. The advertizing on the site payed for the hosting costs and upgrades to my computer equipment, but nothing else. For my part, I was doing little except, checking that things were still working.

However, in late 2008 the Canadian economy started its melt down and traffic to the site quickly doubled. I also started getting a slew of complaints from employers, job seekers, and HRDC about jobs listed on the site which had been filled. This necessitated a complete overhaul of the software involved.

In May of 2009, I added a location and category subheading to every job on every page which has a list of jobs. For humans this is often redundant as the main page title usually provides sufficient information. Search engines, unfortunately, need more prodding. If you repeat Construction, Ottawa, Ontario a dozen times on a page it is more likely to send someone searching for Construction jobs open in Ottawa to that page.

Quebec jobs have never been part of the site, because I don't speak the language. All the other provinces were originaly covered, but various provinces smartened up. Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, and eventualy British Columbia all started handling their own jobs better than the central government. Thus this site was offering less and less jobs.

Trafic to the site reached a peak in 2013 with 1.5 million visitors a month. Since then traffic has dropped steadily. In mid February 2016, new jobs were no longer available in a way that I could post without infringing copyright laws, however, the old jobs were still available for a couple of weeks. On Sunday, 21st February, Service Canada completely altered their site, making even the old jobs no longer available. Hence JobsOpen can no longer provide a service.

The last nine years have been an interesting experience and I wish to thank the millions of people who have visited the site. I don't believe you would have come if I wasn't providing a useful service.


Len Jones